Who are we?


C-ACEF is a mature, qualified and professional organization doing exchange meetings. We devote ourselves to offer Chinese students all kinds of information and service related to overseas study. And this event is designed to provide the school and the students with a platform to communicate with each other.

     Since 2006, we have organized overseas study exchange meetings for many times and have accumulated rich experience. We are local and professional and will be bound to hold this event successfully.

     This time we¡¯ve invited high school students who intend to study overseas, and we hope to have the school representatives to join this event and give Chinese students an opportunity to know better the admission requirements of schools from the USA, Canada and the UK. For the school representatives, you can meet the students to recruit, and also you will have a direct understanding of Chinese overseas study market and the current status and development of asian countries. On that occasion, you can build up an exchange and cooperation relationship with Chinese educational staff, which will benefit to the development of both parties.

     It is totally free if you attend this event. Although it¡¯s not large-scaled, it is targeted and more effective. Only the high school students who intends to study abroad will have the opportunity of face-to-face communication, being offered information and answers to the questions, for the purpose of excluding the possibility of incomplete information because of non-face-to-face communications, and deducting different meanings and misunderstanding, in order to get first hand information.

     The co-organizers of this event are:
Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai Shangshi Overseas Education & Trip Consulting Service Co., Ltd.
     Shanghai Normal University is a key university in Shanghai, which has cultivated many teaching-trained students, possessing many resources of excellent student. Shanghai Shangshi Overseas Education & Trip Consulting Service Co., Ltd is one the overseas education institutions first recognized by the National Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security and Industry and Commerce Administration. After 11 years¡¯ development, it has become the leader of the overseas consultant industry. If they are responsible for the promotion, this event will be successfully held.

We look forward to your participation in this face-to-face exchange meeting between school representatives and Chinese students.

¡Ì Highlights:

  1. Booth for free: Shanghai Shangshi Overseas Education & Trip Consulting Service Co., Ltd. will sponsor the full booth charge for first ten registered schools
  2. Presentation opportunity: Each school will get an opportunity to do presentation for 10-20 minutes, to introduce school feature to the audience
  3. Face-to-face communication: Each school will have its own booth to communicate with students and parents
  4. Student Interview: According to the audiences¡¯ intention, the C-ACEF organizer will make the schedule for students to be interviewed, and if any school would like to do student interview please reserve for meeting room in advance


Approved By:
Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

Shanghai Normal University
Shanghai Junrong Investment Consultant Service Co., Ltd

USA, Canada and Britain Recruiting Center, affiliated to Shanghai Normal University

Executed by:
Organizing Committee of C-ACEF

Invitation Sent to Schools from USA & Canada Exclusively:
Boarding Schools and day school

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